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Potential Reasons You Might Not Pass a Home Inspection

Potential buyers have the option to preform several different kinds of inspections when they are buying a home.

Each inspection is a good idea, although some have different reasons as to why they are a good idea. Some can save you money on your home owners insurance, others can give you negotiating power on the price of the home and some (the most important of all) can tell you what is wrong with the home that you might not of been aware of.

And if your the seller of a home it is highly suggested that you get a licensed Home Inspector to preform a complete and detailed home inspection prior to listing. For the same reasons that a buyer can benefit from a Home Inspection, you can too. A Home Inspection will tell you problems or benefits that you might not of been aware of with your home, which will translate to negotiating power down the line. As well as it gives you an opportunity to correct any issues that might be there prior to selling so you can have a informed number that your homes value is. This can go a long way in reducing the chances that a buyer gets scared away from your home.

Since rarely a home inspection finds a perfect home with no issues, the main goal of a Home Inspection is to make sure the home doesn't have any major issues. Some red flags and major issues that you should be on the look out for when buying a home include:


Pest Infestations!

Foundation/Structural Issues!

Roof leaks or damages!

So make sure to get ahold of a trusted, licensed Home Inspector whether you are about to list your home or you are looking to buy one.

You'll be glad you did!

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