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Wind Mitigation establishes the stability of your home against the elements of nature, allowing you to be qualified to have a discount on your home owners insurance or specificaly wind insurance. 


During the inspection Coastal Mitigations Inc. will collect the following information during an inspection, The age of the home to determine what building code was in place at the time of construction, the age of the roof, documentation to prove if the roof was installed to any certain building code, the roof deck attachment, roof to wall connection, roof shape, existence of a SWR and the opening protection of the doors and windows per Florida Law.


With over 20 years expierence with contracting and building Coastal Mitigations INC has the knowledge and the personal expierence to ensure the process goes smoothly and that the final product is everything you dreamed of and more. 



What we look for during a Wind Mitigation:


1. Exterior Structure Type


2. Roof Shape/Construction Methods


3. Age of Roof


4. Door and Window              Protection


5. Year home was built







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