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New Home




When purchasing your new home along with the excitement that comes with this new chapter of your life, also comes the New Home Purchase inspection. Coastal Mitigations INC takes the hassel and stress out of this process so you can enjoy your new home. Preforming a New Home Purchase inspection for the insurance companies which includes all viewable aspects of the home and its functionality. With a new home purchase inspection you can expect a specific visual inspection of all aspects including insulation, air duct work and all other viewable condtions of the home.


With over 20 years expierence with contracting and building Coastal Mitigations INC has the knowledge and the personal expierence to ensure the process goes smoothly and that the final product is everything you dreamed of and more. 



What we look at with a New Home Inspection:


1. Structure


2. Exterior


3. Roofing


4. Plumbing


5. Electrical


6. Heating & Air Conditioning


7. Interiors


8. Ventilation/Insulation





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