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What is covered in a

4-Point Inspection:


1. Heating & Air Conditioning


2. Electrical Wiring & Panels


3. Plumbing Connections & Fixtures


4. Roof

A 4-Point Inspection is the "cadillac" of the inspection world. Covering areas of the home which include; roof, plumbing and electrical work and HVAC systems. Many homes in the South West Florida area are over 30 years old, which require by most insurance companies to be inspected.

Over those 30 years your loving home can begin to degrade from the inside out. With Coastal Mitigations we work for you, we know how to look at your home as a whole and begin to see the details and internal structure that exists- both in new homes and older homes. 



At Coastal Mitigations INC we prize you and

your families safety and to insure that your home lasts many more years, so with our

4-Point Inspections we look for just that; the safety of your family and financial investment in your home as well as helping allow your home to last for many years to come. 


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